Here at California Specialty Produce, we have been growing, importing and distributing specialty gourmet vegetables
since 1986. California Specialty Produce has always been a family owned and operated business. Our father German
Llano started growing and distributing the mini-gourmet vegetables out of a pick up truck when I was just a boy. Now
we sell several million dollars a year to the top restaurant suppliers nationwide, and have refrigerated trucks going
up to the L.A. Market or LAX every night to distribute our vegetables. I am Luke Llano, General Manager and my
brother Dan Llano is the Operations Manager.  Through the years California Specialty Produce has built a reputation
of quality control, reliability and integrity with both our customers and our vendors.
Being lucky enough to have lived in Costa Rica a large part of our lives we have had the chance to learn a lot about the
rain forest and how important it is to the world. We are proud to have the opportunity to introduce new products
which are
eco-friendly, such as Fresh Hearts of Palm, to our customers and the gourmet world. We believe that if
everyone did what was in their power to help save our precious rain forests, together we could help wipe out slash
and burn agriculture.

Our Blue Book # is: 137218
Our Paca License is: 941517
Reliable               Exotic               Versatile               Low Carb               Eco-friendly               Delicious Recipes

California Specialty Produce
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