Fresh Hearts of Palm, More than just for salads!
Serving the gourmet produce industry since 1986 we understand that
the client is always looking for something new to excite their taste
buds.  Something exotic that will give them the feeling that they are
dinning in a unique environment.  Our Fresh Hearts of Palm  offer just
Here in the U. S., chefs have known about canned hearts of palm for
years, and have been using them in their finest salads.  But canned
hearts of palm, like many other canned products can't be cooked
because they turn mushy and have an overwhelming sour taste.
Reliable               Exotic               Versatile               Low Carb               Eco-friendly               Delicious Recipes

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Fresh Hearts of Palm, on the other hand, are a completely different product.  They are extremely versatile in that you can
cook them and they retain their unique crunchy texture.  
Gourmet restaurants all over the Caribbean have been using Fresh Hearts of Palm for quite some time in all sorts of delicious
recipes.  Some of the world’s top culinary artists such as
Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, and  Allen Susser, have been
inspired by the great taste and potential of Fresh Hearts of Palm, and have developed interesting recipes for it’s use at some
of their elite restaurants.
Fresh Hearts of Palm are delicious in gourmet pizzas, lasagna, soup's, salads and many other main entries.  
Please browse through our recipes and feel free to use them as they are or as an inspiration for your own creations.
Our Fresh Hearts of Palm have many intriguing qualities.  
Below we list a few.  Please click on any one of them to learn more about it