What if there was a new, exotic, gourmet product that you
could offer your elite customers?  A product they could include
on their menus in a variety of delicious presentations, with the
assurance that it has been packaged in a modern
Your customers would also appreciate if that product was
available year-round at stable prices and quantities. This would
be a welcome change to the frustrating daily fluctuations of
today’s gourmet produce market.
What if your customers could also feel good about featuring
such an item on their menu?  By serving this product they would
be directly supporting a form of sustainable farming, which is
an alternative to the vicious cycle of slash and burn agriculture.
Reliable               Exotic               Versatile               Low Carb               Eco-friendly               Delicious Recipes

California Specialty Produce
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Our Fresh Heart of Palm is that product, and it is available to you year round, at stable prices.
California Specialty Produce, one of the pioneers in making gourmet and exotic produce available nationwide since 1986, can
offer you daily shipments  of  Fresh, vacuum packaged, cultivated Pejivaye (Peach Palm) Hearts of Palm.
After several years of importing and distributing “Fresh”  Hearts of Palm, we have achieved a consistent shelf life of 14 days.  
Fresh Heart of Palm is a rapidly growing trend among the worlds finest gourmet restaurants.  Some of the world’s top culinary
artists such as
Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, and  Allen Susser, have been inspired by the great taste and versatility of Fresh
Hearts of Palm, and have developed interesting recipes for it’s use at some of their elite restaurants.  It is such a delicious and
unique gift from the tropical rain forest, that we are sure your clients will find many new and exiting ways to feature it in
their fine dining establishments.  Please browse through our recipes to see how truly versatile this new product is.  Our Fresh
Hearts of Palm have many intriguing qualities.  Below we list a few.  Please click on any one of them to learn more about it.