Every chef knows that when a restaurant enthusiast enters their establishment they want them to experience
something that they will remember.  Something that will get them to come back and bring their friends.  
These days, people are always looking for something exotic to try.  Not only does it have to be exotic but it must also
be interesting and delicious.  You can't just give them some strange new vegetable that doesn't taste great.  They
need to eat something that is new yet has a familiar taste so they don't get overwhelmed or scared away.
Fresh Hearts of Palm have a very unique texture which they maintain, cooked or raw.  They don't have an overwhelming
flavor, in fact they can take on just about any flavor you put on them.  This makes them a very versatile product that
can be added to many different dishes to give them that exotic touch with out taking away from the original taste.
Reliable               Exotic               Versatile               Low Carb               Eco-friendly               Delicious Recipes

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