Unfortunately every farmer in each region will almost always have gaps in production due to weather.   This largely
controls the market price of the gourmet vegetables.  I am sure you have bought certain items one week at $1.00/lb
and the next week they were at $3.00/lb.  This makes it very difficult to put these items on a menu and assure that
you are going to have the product available and that you are not going to be selling it for less than the new market price.
  We are able to offer our Fresh Hearts of Palm year-round, with stable availability and prices.
Costa Rica is one of the largest exporters of canned hearts of palm in the world.   We have strategic alliances with
enough growers and access to as much product as we may need to meet the market demand.  
You can add our Fresh Hearts of Palm to your menu or product line with the confidence that it will be available
to you all year at stable prices and consistent superior quality.
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At California Specialty Produce we have been growing and distributing
gourmet specialty vegetables since 1986.  We constantly plan crops in
numerous different climate windows of the world for different times of
the year to ensure that we can offer product year-round.
With most gourmet vegetables you have anywhere from a 1 week
harvesting window to a 3-4 month harvesting window for each crop.  So
you have to plan your crops so that one is beginning while the other is
ending.  This is the way it has to be for baby squashes, beans, pear
tomatoes, baby lettuces etc.