Fresh Heart of Palm.....
                      More than just for salads!

Unlike the traditional canned Hearts of Palm which are really only used in salads, our Fresh Hearts of Palm are
delicious in an assortment of different main entrees, hors d'oeuvres, side dishes, soups and salads.  Their ability to be
cooked and retain their unique texture and delicious taste makes them quite versatile.  
Fresh Hearts of Palm have a unique yet mild flavor which can be accented with many different sautee's, dressings etc.  
It is like a sponge for flavor that stays crunchy.  
This product is used in gourmet restaurants all over the Caribbean in gourmet pizza's, lasagnas, soup's,
salad's, with fish, cevivhes with calamari or even vegetarian ceviche.
Please browse through our recipes and feel free to use them as they are or as an inspiration for gourmet dishes of
your own.
Reliable               Exotic               Versatile               Low Carb               Eco-friendly               Delicious Recipes

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